We have price packages and programs for every kind of need.
We pride ourselves on giving you unparalleled quality, while still catering to your needs and preferences, so that you get a program that is truly ideal for you! No more need for Diet Doctors, or Personal Trainers! You’ll have them both in your pocket.

  • Nutrition Program
  • $69
  • 2 Month
  • 100% Customized
  • 24/7 Free Support
  • Full Program + Hard Copy
  • $130
  • 2 Months day by day
  • Workout & Nutrition
  • 100% Customized
  • 24/7 Free Support
  • Your own custom Hard Copy
Success is in the air

The Wellness Log has helped me manage this new lifestyle. It’s not a exercise or fitness program. IT’S A WAY OF LIFE. Being fit for life and healthy, gives you energy and confidence. It allows you to be a better version of yourself.

Maha Abouelenain, 45, Managing director OC - 5 programs

You could have confused me for a girl before, because I had male boobs. But thanks to The Wellness log, they’re smaller now.

Ayman Wattar, 29, Head writer, Big Productions - 4 programs
Questions and Answers
What is the process of program design? Why is it different than other online programs?

Upon ordering your customized log, you will be directed to filling in an online application, which covers everything we need to know to design the perfect program to suit your body type and targets.

A conditioning trainer oversees your current program or designs one from scratch, and then accordingly the nutritionist makes the diet plan. This process ensures maximum quality of program design, because it takes into consideration all/most variable elements affecting your overall target.

How long till delivery / when will you receive your program?

The program design process takes up to 5 business days from application submission. The hard copy (if ordered) as well as the access code required for COD option, takes an extra 2 business days to print and deliver. Our courier (Aramex) will call you to coordinate drop off, and process payment in the case of COD option.

Do we provide customized prenatal programs

Yes. The wellness log is a 100% custom tailored program designed by professional conditioning trainers and certified nutritionists. Among our pool of trainers are also pre and post natal certified ones.

Do you just fill in the application and we customize your program? Or will you actually get to sit with a trainer and a nutritionist?

The Wellness Log is strictly an online-based custom tailored program designed by professional conditioning trainers and certified nutritionists. Our pools of trainers and nutritionists are from different parts of the world, the system was built to cater to your needs but strictly online. That said, you can always contact us through customer support throughout your program for ongoing support, we are there to answer and coordinate all questions/inquiries you have along the way.

You want to lose X amount of KG’s, how will our program help you achieve this?

Health and wellbeing are more of an ongoing process rather than a target. Meaning, we have a scientific approach towards nutrition and performance and we will deliver a balanced, well-rounded program done by a team of professionals that strive to help you reach your health goals not just your scale goal. We do not make fast crash diets that leave you weak, unhealthy and are also unsustainable, and therefore we do not believe that the scale should be a dated target unless it’s a health or a performance requirement.

By focusing so much of your attention on that number in the scale, you effectively miss out on observing the other, more significant results of your efforts. You will be sleeping better, have more energy, and enjoy a boost in metabolic rate. Your cravings will dissipate, you will recover faster from exercise, and your symptoms or medical condition will have greatly improved.