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Last Ramadan with the help of The Wellness log, I lost 7kg and 8% body fat. The workouts and nutrition plans were very well structured and the community provided all the support and motivation I need.

Aly Morad, 25, Engineer and competitive rowing champion - 4 programs

The Wellness Log has helped me manage this new lifestyle. It’s not a exercise or fitness program. IT’S A WAY OF LIFE. Being fit for life and healthy, gives you energy and confidence. It allows you to be a better version of yourself.

Maha Abouelenain, 45, Managing director OC - 5 programs

You could have confused me for a girl before, because I had male boobs. But thanks to The Wellness log, they’re smaller now.

Ayman Wattar, 29, Head writer, Big Productions - 5 programs

I used to dream of the day I would become one of the girls on the #fitforlife hashtag on Instagram accounts.. Thanks to The Wellness Log, that dream became a reality.

Passant Rabie, 26 Managing Editor, Mada Masr
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